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Weather Instruments

RadioGuys sells Peet Brothers weather instruments for use in conjunction with the Digital Weatherman service, or you can use them anywhere you need the ability to monitor the weather.  Call us at 702-898-4669 for current prices and availability.

 Ultimeter 100

Ultimeter 100
Basic weather display with wind speed and direction, outdoor temperature and rainfall (rain sensor is optional).  List price $229.00

 Ultimeter 800 Ultimeter 800 
Same as above, but adds the ability to monitor humidity, dew point and heat index (requires optional sensors).  List price $299.00
 Ultimeter 2100 Ultimeter 2100 
Deluxe model, adds ability to monitor barometric pressure.
List price $399.00.  Click HERE to compare features of the 3 models.
 Ultimeter Kit Basic Ultimeter Kit
All Ultimeters shown above include the display unit, anemometer, temperature sensor and cabling.  Additional accessories also available.  See peetbros.com for complete list.

Replacement anemometer.
Standard model $89.00
Pro Model $99.00


 Temperature Sensor

Outdoor Temp Sensor 
Includes 25 ft of cable $15.00.
Longer cable lengths available.  Call for information and pricing.

 Humidity Sensor Humidity Sensor 
Outdoor humidity and temperature sensor $110.00.  Indoor sensor for humidity only $100.00
 Rain Gauge Rain Gauge
Measure rainfall to the 1/100th of an inch.  Standard model $90.00.  With heater $190.00.
 Weather Picture "Weather Picture" Display 
Big, bright, easy-to-read wall display suits any place where people need up-to-the-second local weather data. Offered in Oak or Aluminum frame style.  $389.00