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Larry Fuss
Radio Guy


I started in broadcasting at age 12, broadcasting music and neighborhood news to my family and neighbors from a tiny transmitter in the basement of our home in suburban Atlanta. At the age of 15, I persuaded my father to drive me to WJGA-FM in Jackson, Georgia, where I landed a job working weekends. They didn't know I was only 15. My father or grandfather would drive me to and from the station until I turned 16 and got my driver's license. At the age of 17, I lied about my age and landed my first fulltime job at a 10kw AM in Gainesville, Georgia. By the age of 20, using money borrowed from my parents and grandparents, I bought my first station, WMYQ-AM/FM in Newton, Mississippi. My on-air career included stints at WWSW-FM Pittsburgh and WSB-FM Atlanta (as "Larry O'Neal"), but I liked running things myself, so I went back into ownership. I've owned over 20 stations, including the 8-station Delta Radio group in Mississippi, many of which were built from the ground up.

As an owner/operator of small-market stations, I have has always looked for ways to run stations as efficiently as possible. When personal computers came along, I was one of the first to utilize computing power to generate logs, prepare billing, and to automate my radio stations. When other broadcasters began contacting me for advice on how to use computers to make their stations more efficient, I launched a consulting service, Contemporary Communications. I eventually branched out to begin doing computerized FM frequency searches, new station applications and upgrades, and even built or re-built several stations for clients, including KFMG/KSRJ in Juneau, Alaska; and WAVH-FM in Mobile, Alabama. Today, I still own several radio stations and operate Contemporary Communications from my home-base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides offering consulting services for broadcasters, I'm also a dealer for Tom Churchill's Digital Weatherman, Natural Log and Natural Music, as well as other broadcast products. These are all things I use at my own stations. If I didn't believe in them, I wouldn't be selling them.

How can I help you? Call me at 702-898-4669.

Radio Guy